Chicago Aerosol Now Offers Bag On Valve (BOV) Technology

Bag On Valve is a new packaging technology designed to provide an alternate means of dispensing products. Products employing this form of packaging are convenient, user friendly and can be sprayed evenly at all angles. 

Conventional aerosol products mix a propellant with a liquid product. When it is desirable to dispense only the liquid portion, Bag On Valve (BOV) technology allows the product to be separated from the propellant, thereby dispensing only the liquid.

What exactly is BOV?

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A bag on valve is just that – a composite bag is attached to an aerosol valve. Liquid product is filled inside the bag. Compressed air charged into the can fills the space between the bag and the can. When the spray button is pressed, the product is squeezed out of the bag by the compressed air, dispensing the product as a spray, cream or gel.


  • Protection of your product against oxygen exposure 
  • Product emptying up to 99%
  • Hygienic and able to be sterilized
  • FDA-approved bag
  • Can be used in all positions
  • Reduced spray noise
  • Product dispensing without a chilling effect
  • Can be used with standard actuators and standard aerosol cans (aluminum or steel)
  • Can be used with viscous liquids

BOV is also compatible with liquefied propellants. These propellants make good choices for products that require a steady dispensing rate over the life of the can, such as post-foaming gels and creams.

Almost all fluids and more viscous products can be filled into a BoV system. However, the system cannot be used with products that need to be shaken before use.


We encourage our customers to directly consult with our subject-matter experts, from the chemists in our lab to our packaging design team to the plant managers at Coal City and Bridgeview. Every employee is available and willing to help. Let us help you with your next fulfillment need.

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