Did You Know? Aerosol Hairspray Was Invented in 1948.

Hairspray became common after the patent of the aerosol process and the making of the aerosol spray can during the 1940s. It was first packaged in 1948, as the beauty industry saw that the aerosol cans used in WWII for insecticides could be used as a dispenser for hairspray. It thrived and became increasingly popular and mass-produced, as up-dos and other such hairstyles were created. By 1964, it became the highest selling beauty product. 

However, sales declined in the 70’s as hairstyles were now predominately worn straight and loose during the “hippie” era. But by the 80’s, hairsprays popularity came back as big hairstyles resurged with the punk rock scene. Today, hairsprays are formulated as flexible, medium, and maximum hold, as there is much more of a liking towards the natural look.

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