InStock Program: Products Just Waiting for Your Label!

We know how complicated the new product introduction process can be. From concept to the shelf, there are countless decisions that need to be made. Fortunately, Chicago Aerosol produces a variety of open stock aerosol products in the Personal Care and Automotive / Industrial categories through our InStock Program. All products are pre-formulated, tested, manufactured and warehoused at one of our two facilities. 

You save time and development costs. All we need is your label! 

We produce the InStock products un-labeled in large quantities, which gives us the ability to pass along to you cost savings that are achieved from the economies of scale we obtain from larger orders. With a minimum order size of 600 cans, you are able to free up your dollars and increases inventory turns. 

Any applicable regulatory compliance information is readily available as are product claims, verbiage for marketing materials and label requirement guidance.

We try our hardest to help our customers succeed. We’re always here to help and we encourage our customers to directly consult with our subject-matter experts. From the chemists in our lab to our packaging design team to the plant managers at our Coal City and Bridgeview locations, every employee is available and willing to help.

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