New Custom Packaging Options from Chicago Aerosol

We know that packaging sells. 

At Chicago Aerosol, matching product to package is a service we pride ourselves on. Every year, we strive to expand our capabilities by offering our customers new and innovative packaging options. Here are some exciting new sprayer options that we now offer and can be supplied in just about any color combination. 

Ergonomic Trigger Sprayers 

Trigger Sprayer
  • Benefits: Trigger sprayers are versatile, and easy to actuate. They offer a more convenient, comfortable choice compared to conventional push button sprayers that can cause finger fatigue.
  • Products: These caps are ideal for non-foaming applications, like hard surface cleaners, automotive and air freshener products. They have a unique look that will elevate your products' presence on the shelf.

Metered Applicators

Metered Spray
  • Benefits: Auto mist applicators deliver a consistent portion controlled spray that can be used in automatic air freshener machines like the Air Wick® Freshmatic® or Glade® Automatic Spray*.
  • Products: These applicators are perfect for air fresheners and odor eliminators to be used as refills in auto-mist applicator machines.

Twist and Lock Actuators

Hoodless Twist Cap
  • Benefits: Designed with an audible click to let you know when the cap is closed and locked. Eliminates any accidental spray when traveling.
  • Products: These are great for products you may pack in a bag like insect repellant and lubricants (out of our Bridgeview facility) or body sprays, dry shampoo and hairspray (out of our Coal City facility).

Spray-Through Overcaps

Spray Thru Overcap
  • Benefits: Combines the overcap and actuator into one. Eliminates the need for a separate overcap, providing the consumer with convenience to spray when needed.
  • Products: Perfect for household cleaning products such as furniture polish, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner or stainless steel cleaner. These caps provide products with a more practical and upscale look.

Foam and Gel Actuators

*Chicago Aerosol is not affiliated with SC Johnson, owner of the registered trademark Glade® or Reckitt Benckiser, owner of the registered trademarks Air Wick® and Freshmatic®
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