Sustainability: Taking a Closer Look at Everything We Do

Our goal is to do our part to make a difference in our environment.

Chicago Aerosol is constantly looking for ways in which to reduce our footprint. Here are some of our most recent activities that are making a difference.

• We replaced 92 sodium vapor fixtures in the main packaging area at our Bridgeview facility with fixtures using T5 lamps and occupancy sensors 

This increased working level foot candles in the packaging area by over 100% and has a projected operating savings of over $11,000 annually.

• We replaced inefficient HID lighting with new, explosion proof LED lighting in two fill rooms 

This increased working level foot candles by over 150% and has a projected operating savings of over $23,000 annually. LED lighting provides a much higher watt to lumen ratio compared to High Pressure Sodium lighting and reduces the surface temperature of the fixture, an important consideration in a classified electrical environment.

• We installed a new high horsepower screw air compressor that is driven by a frequency drive to reduce power consumption

This ensures our compressed air needs for the future and we benefit with both a one-time rebate and future electrical savings, reducing the cost of ownership by 40%. Chicago Aerosol was recognized by ComEd for participation in their Smart Ideas for your Business Program and received a one time incentive for adding a variable frequency drive to the compressor.

• We replaced a boiler in Coal City with a new more efficient boiler system 

This boiler addition gave us an efficient solution for steam generation with a projected natural gas savings of $10,000 annually.

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