Bag On Valve (BOV)

Any issues our customers may have with traditional aerosol filling are now resolved with our new Bag-On-Valve (“BOV”) system, one of the biggest advancements in recent packaging history.

Bov 3With BOV technology, we place your product’s contents into a composite bag, keeping it completely separate from any propellant, can or external contamination. We then pressurize the space between the bag and the can with nitrogen or compressed air. When the end-user presses down on the actuator, the product is squeezed out of the bag by the propellant, producing a continuous spray that is identical to an aerosol.

With BOV technology, we are now able to insure product purity. It enables us to bring the convenience of a continuous aerosol-type spray to products that, in the past, could not be produced as an aerosol, which include:

  • Hygienic or Environmentally Friendly Products: With the BOV system, your products are contained within an FDA-approved bag that works in conjunction with compressed air (instead of a liquid gas) to dispense the product.
  • Products that Contain Highly Viscous Ingredients: The BOV system keeps your product completely separated from the can, preventing any potential corrosion issues.

Manufacturing your product with BOV technology brings numerous additional advantages, including:

  • The flexibility to dispense the product in any form, such as liquid, gel or cream
  • The ability to continuously spray the product from any angle, even upside down
  • The ability to package your product with a standard actuator in steel or aluminum cans
  • Complete protection from oxygen exposure, eliminating the need to add preservatives
  • The elimination of any chilling effect