Automotive Products

Today’s high cost of cars, motorcycles and trucks demands proper maintenance to ensure that you get the most longevity out of a vehicle for the dollars spent.

At our Bridgeview, IL facility, Chicago Aerosol produces a large variety of automotive appearance and maintenance products used by professional detailers, car washes, dealerships and retail consumers. We provide you with the technical expertise to formulate those much sought after products used for cleaning, detailing and lubricating these vehicles - keeping them spotless, clean and maintenance free.

From Bug & Tar Remover to Foaming Degreaser we fulfill your needs including individual product features and package design. We will exceed your expectations.

Some of the Automotive items we produce at our Bridgeview, IL facility include:


• Bug & Tar Remover 
• Dashboard Cleaner
• Foaming Car Wax
• Foaming Tire Cleaner
• Foaming Wheel Cleaner
• Upholstery Cleaner
• Whitewall Cleaner
• Glass Cleaner


• Battery Terminal Cleaner
• Battery Terminal Coating
• Belt Dressing
• Brake Parts Cleaner (flammable/non-flammable)
• Carb & Choke Cleaner
• Chain Lube Citrus Degreaser
• Degreaser
• Deicer
• Disc Brake Quiet
• Electric Motor Cleaner
• Electronic Cleaner
• Foaming Degreaser
• Fuel Injector Cleaner
• Ignition Sealer
• Multi-purpose Lubricant
• Penetrating Oil
• Red Grease
• Silicone
• Spray Adhesive