Household Products

We will partner with you to develop household products that stand out.

The household products industry is highly competitive. Products need to be more effective than their competitors. Packaging must pop. On-time delivery is critical. Competitive pricing is essential. Chicago Aerosol is well aware of the industry's complexities and will partner with you to help create a household product for your brand that will last in today's market.

The types of household products we produce include:

Household / Maintenance

  • Air Freshener 
  • Bathroom Cleaner 
  • Countertop Cleaner 
  • Disinfectant 
  • Dusting Aids/Dusters 
  • Fabric Protector 
  • Furniture Polish
  • Glass Cleaner 
  • Metered Air Freshener
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner 
  • Oven Cleaner 
  • Spot Remover 
  • Static Guard 
  • Tile Cleaner

Shoes / Leather

  • Fluororesin-Based Protector 
  • Leather Conditioner 
  • Shoe Cleaner 
  • Shoe Deodorizer
  • Shoe Paint 
  • Shoe Shine 
  • Shoe Stretch 
  • Silicone-Based Protector 
  • Suede Cleaner
  • White Shoe Foam