Our goal: to be the most customer-focused organization possible

  • by Wally Bransen
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We have learned from our customers that the markets they compete in are extremely challenging. New products are constantly challenging old ones. Orders are never easy to predict. Margins are tight. To be competitive, companies need to develop strategic partnerships that enable them to focus on what they do best: market and sell products. 

We encourage our customers to directly consult with our subject-matter experts

We know how complicated the new product introduction process can be. From conceptualizing a new product idea to hitting the shelf, there are countless decisions which need to be made: product concept, development of a formula, picking it's components and packaging, ordering the raw materials, filling the product, warehousing and finally distributing it. Marketers just can't afford to spend their time and energy staying on top of all of this. Plus, they appreciate guidance on alternative solutions and advice on which route to take. 

When we acquired Chicago Aerosol in 2002, we realized right away how time-consuming the product development and manufacturing process is to our customers and set out to become the most customer-focused organization in the industry. We assembled a team of customer service representatives who's primary focus is to ensure that our customers are informed and that every request is addressed. We encourage our customers to directly consult with our subject-matter experts, from the chemists in our lab to our packaging design team to the plant managers at Coal City and Bridgeview. Every employee is available and willing to help. 

We try our hardest to help our customers exceed. We'll develop innovative products and help them streamline their operations.  Our customers can then focus on what is truly important to both of us - increasing sales and growing their business.  

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